The Babysitting App
for Mutual Childcare

Free babysitting with trusted parents,
spontaneous babysitting, playdates and
meeting new families in the neighborhood.

Free Babysitting 

Instead of paying for expensive babysitters, childcare will alternate between you and your friends. The SitEinander App organizes mutual exchange, so leave the feeling of guilt behind: Whenever your friends help you out, they earn SitPoints which they can use later in return for their own childcare needs.

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Safety & Trust

You create your own personal network of Sit Friends: experienced parents from your neighborhood whom you trust, your children know and where they will feel save and carefree..

Grow Your Network

Meeting new parents near you, as well as where you will need accessible childcare is possible on SitEinander. That way, you will be able to expand your circle of friends and your local network. Learn more about Groups in our Babysitting App.

Good For Your Kids

This type of mutual child care holds significant benefits for the children involved. They enjoy more opportunities have playdates with other children and feel part of a vibrant and helping neighbourhood community.

Babysitting In No Time

In need of a babysitter? Fill in all important information into the App’s SitRequest Form and wait for your friends to help out. No more scrolling through endless Whatsapp (Group)Chats, no more calling or texting each potential sitter one by one. All information concerning your Sit is at the right place.


    • Our Babysitting App sends your request to all chosen friends at the same time
    • As soon as your friends offer to help, you will be notified and confirm the Sit
    • That’s it: Enjoy your me-time or take the chance to do whatever you need to do without your kids – whilst they enjoy playdates with their friends. 
    Franz Englisch

    I want to become part of SitEinander in order to get in contact with other parents of my districts and to have a beautiful date with my wife every now and then.

    Franzi Englisch

    Since my family lives further away, I would like to have a network to help each other out as moms.

    Yesenia Englisch

    This idea is splendid and we as a family are so interested in getting to know other families, that we can also plan some shared activities with.

    Sonja Englisch

    Top Idea! For Everybody! My little one finds playmates, and I find new conversation partners. Here arises the trust ont that the sentence “can you take care of my child?” is built. Without family members living close by, this is more than a lifeline. It’s a great opportunity to build your own family-support network!

    Svenja Englisch

    SitEinander: Because I am looking for a solution to give away my kids and make new contacts. As a single mother I kind of lack the network.

    Nicola Englisch

    We have four children and cannot afford a babysitter. I also think it’s great to meet new people.

    Susanne Englisch

    Just recently, my husband and I were invited on a birthday party and we only came back at two in the morning. A normal babysitter would have cost minimum 70 euros. I was happy about my sit network and having my friends stay overnights looking after my kids.


    Family for Families

    The founder’s team is a family itself: the three sister’s Anna, Henni and Ulrike.

    After working many years in the private childcare market, we acknowledged that the lack of time, stress and feeling of guilt are common problems among young families, and came up with this idea to offer support for those who are struggling.

    Ulrike is a mother of two herself. She had been a single mother for some years too. Oftentimes she would crave a little more time for herself, but as a young student, it was impossible to finance a babysitter for 15€ per hour. Thus, the idea of SitEinander Babysitting App was born…

    Partner and Support 

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