Kindergarten Project for mutual Babysitting

Oct 18, 2019 | App, Familylife, Parents

Kindergarten Project for mutual Babysitting

Oct 18, 2019 | App, Familylife, Parents

This week the time has come: Our kindergarten project with the international kindergarten and school Colégio Alegria in Lisbon begins. 200 children between the ages of 1 and 12 attend the Colégio Alegria and have the chance to take part in the 2-month SitEinander cooperation with their families.

Our notice will help you find kindergarten parents who want to join!

Why SitEinander for kindergartens?

Parents are often very hard hit by closing times, shortened opening hours and a need for childcare.  Of course, they are frustrated because kindergartens are usually the only care option they have.  If kindergartens support the parents in time to build up a support network of other kindergarten parents who can easily take care of the children, this will help all sides.

Catarina Batista, the director of Colégio Alegria, wants to send a positive signal through the kindergarten project with SitEinander that she and her educators are interested in the problems of the families and are actively involved in finding solutions and alternatives.

What does our kindergarten project look like in concrete terms?

Over a period of 2 months we support the kindergarten parents intensively in getting SitEinander running. We have put together a comprehensive and exciting program to help families network and look after each other’s children. Every week there is a focus topic: Getting to know each other, recognizing needs, building trust and security, overcoming hurdles and bad conscience, compatibility & time management and children friendships.

We will conduct regular interviews with the participating parents in order to be able to assess their everyday life and problems with child care correctly.

Notice for our kindergarten project

Notice for Colegio Alegria

Besides, we’ve prepared:  

  • Posters and information material about the kindergarten project for management, educators and parent representatives.
  • Parents meeting and briefing
  • Secret group in the SitEinander app for networking and informing parents
  • Weekly mailing with motivation and tips for babysitting
  • Regular parent meetings
  • Detailed reporting on the impact of the kindergarten program


Group for the kindergarten project in our SitEinander app

Are there any other kindergarten projects?

Our cooperation with the Colegio Alegria is only a beginning. If your kindergarten needs such a project, please contact us at

It is advisable to present our program to the kindergarten management in advance. Simply send us this article or our kindergarten presentation:

SitEinander for your kindergarten. Download our program!