Parent’s Insights with Shaghayegh: About Babysitting and Co

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Moms who work need childcare. Mompreneurs like Shaggy who founded Wonder Coworking  in Berlin crave for babysitting!

Shaggy is a self proclaimed feminist who wanted a space where women could work amongst themselves and support and encourage eachother.

What is Shaggy’s day to day childcare and what would she do with free babysitting? SitEinander grabbed that awsome powermom for an interview.

Interview on Babysitting, Momlife, Dreams and Tips for Parents

When was the last time you needed childcare?

Shari: Unfortunately, I need childcare all the time, because I only have a place in a daycare center in summer. At the moment we are with a childminder. However, this is already the fourth week and my daughter is there a maximum of 2 hours alone.

No Babysitting? – Work at Night!

Like many parents without reliable and spontaneous babysitting, Shaggy works a lot at night. 

Picture by Kevin Keith via Unsplash

And how did you manage the situation?

Shari: I usually work at night when the little one is sleeping and look after her myself during the day. Not optimal, but unfortunately I haven’t found another solution. In the meantime we had a babysitter but we were not satisfied.

Babysitting: What do moms dream of finally doing?

Parents need time for themselves! What would you finally do again with SitEinander Babysitting?

Shari: Go to the hairdresser! If I had a lot of time perhaps I would also get a massage.

How to keep children happy and busy?

Can you tell us your favorite care tip? How can you keep your own children and maybe other children really busy and in a good mood?

Shari: I am really bad at it, but I sing very often with my daughter and it is best to combine this with a few movements or dancing. Everyone is in a good mood or at least excited.

Thank you dear Shaggy for the Interview

You can find out more about Shaghayegh and Wonder Coworking here.

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