Crowdfunding Goodies: Handmade and Sustainable Fashion

Jul 17, 2018 | Startup

You have supported our crowdfunding campaign and enabled us to continue improving SitEinander. Many of you have chosen to receive individually designed t-shirts or backpacks as a reward. The wait is finally over!

We are committed to staying one-hundred percent true to our SitEinander ideals and have therefore decided to have your rewards produced locally and in a sustained manner. Your presents will therefore NOT be anonymously printed online; instead, we will be working hands-on with our neighborhood-mum Marie. Under her own brand label Okiya at www.okiyafashion.com, Marie has been producing fashion for a long time, which she then proceeds to sell at the weekly market on Kollwitzplatz in Berlin. We have managed to secure a cooperation with her!

The first batch of SitEinander shirts and backpacks has been printed last week, and Marie has added the finishing touch to them yesterday (yes, the balloons on top of our brand name are indeed painted on each item by hand!). The majority of those will be shipped over the course of this week.

We hope you are looking forward to your rewards. Thank you for all your trust and your patience.

Anna, Henni, and Ulrike