SitEinander Parents App: Meet Front End Developer Carolin

Aug 26, 2019 | Startup

S itEinander is a parents app. It is an App made for parents and founded by a family, that has grown into a big team. In these short little Interviews you will get to know this team and how they came to work at SitEinander.

First to be introduced is our Front End Developer Carolin. She is a mother herself and a studied pedagog. She is passionate, extremely creative as well as hardworking.


How did you end up working for the SitEinander Parents App?

I got to know Anna and the wonderful idea of the SitEinander for parents at a meeting with ProjectTogether and Mini Deutschland in 2018. Since they were searching for someone to join them for the technical aspects like app development and project management I proposed to jump in!

What do you enjoy most about working here?

For me, SitEinander is one of the best teams I ever worked with. I love the way the founder girls treat every team member with respect and appreciation from the very beginning. It’s a sense of seeing everything from the positive side that I like most.
The flat hierarchy allows everyone to unfold his/her full potential and bring in his/her skills he/she’s best in. Great way of working together.

Carolins first week at SitEinander. With Ulrike, Anna and Adam.

What do you feel is the most beneficial thing you have learned since working for the SitEinander Parents App project?

That it takes time to form a team and to define everyone’s skills, to get to know each other and establish a way of working together that gets the most out of everyone’s skills. And that one has to redefine again and again. That it’s a never-ending ongoing process.

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What is your vision for SitEinander’s future?

My vision for SitEinander is that our App can help parents to regain some free time for things that simplify their life and allow them to make it more beautiful. To give families back time that they had to invest in organizing childcare before using the SitEinander App so we can make our contribution to improve a family/work based world.

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The SitEinander Parents App connects parents so that free babysitting can become a reality among friendly families. We ask experts and test for ourselves how mutual babysitting can work.

We are three sisters from Berlin who put their vision of a better world for families into practice. Learn more about us, our partners and the ups and downs of our life as founders.