What’s SitEinander like? Kiera, Marketing Intern Berlin

Sep 10, 2019 | Startup

Our young Berlin startup was founded by three sisters. Their company now consists of a little team. In these short little Interviews you will get to know this team and how they came to work at SitEinander.

Next up is our Berlin Marketing Intern Kiera. A recent graduate in Marketing and Management, Kiera wanted to gain industry experience. She is fun, hardworking and willing to learn.

How did you end up working for the SitEinander Parents App?

Having just finished my college degree in Marketing and Management, and I applied online for an internship with SitEinander. After an interview with Henni and Ulli, a week later I found out I had got it. I was super excited.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

It has to be the relaxed atmosphere, I adore this about working here! There is so much calmness in the air and everyone is so friendly. If you don’t understand something nobody judges you and everyone is so so helpful. Tasks are delegated by what you want to do, so you never have to do something you really don’t like.

Marketing Intern Berlin, Kiera with Ulrike Co-Founder of Siteinander and Shaggy Founder of Wonder Co- Working Space.

What do you feel is the most beneficial thing you have learned since being a Marketing Intern in Berlin and working for the SitEinander Parents App project?

There are so many things that I have learned which will help me in my career path. I have gained WordPress skills, SEO skills, I have even given content writing a go. I have also improved my communication skills as well as my interpersonal skills. Ulrike has been the most amazing and patient mentor!

Become SitEinander’s Marketing Intern in Berlin!

What is your vision for SitEinander’s future?

I can see SitEinander helping families not just across Germany, but throughout the world. I believe that the concept is an incredible idea and that once it is explained to customers they will absolutely love it. As a Marketing Intern in Berlin , I don’t have long left here at SitEinander, but I will be watching closely and cheering them on all the way.

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