Family App SitEinander: Get to know Ulrike, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Aug 7, 2019 | Startup

Family App SitEinander: Get to know Ulrike, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Aug 7, 2019 | Startup

SitEinander is a family app. It is an App made for families and founded by a family, that has grown into a big team. In these short little Interviews you will get to know this team and how they came to work at SitEinander.

Next to be introduced is Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Ulrike. She is the Mama on board and is extrememly passionate about SitEinander. She uses it often with her friends in order to be able to work so hard on creating the App. 

How did you end up creating an App for Families?

I am a mother and blessed with two sisters, who 12 years ago helped me out with my first son’s childcare. When I had my second child, we set out to help every family on this planet (including mine) – by making babysitting as affordable and accessible as I had with my sisters. The solution was as easy as simple: Parents would become babysitters for each other, their mutual support organized by an App. It is here the idea for SitEinander was born and I became a Co-Founder. 

What do you enjoy most about working here?

It is definitely enjoyable to make the world a better place, to have a team full of enthusiastic visionaries but the most enjoyable aspect is to go home after work – and just do what everybody in your team is working on: mutual babysitting with your friends.

What do you feel is the most beneficial thing you have learned since working on the SitEinander App for Families?

If you have an idea – you will see that it works in every aspect of your life: Honestly asking for help and not feeling ashamed about it, but also offering to help out wherever you can – works not only in childcare, but also at work, in partnership and for every project you set out to achieve.  I have also learned to appreciate the power of community.

Sei dabei und lade dir die App herunter!

What is your vision for SitEinander’s future?

I believe that SitEinander will definitely increase the birth rate in Germany. I also think that children will grow up happier and the divorce rate of couples with children will decrease drastically. 

However, professional Babysitters as well as couple and family therapists will have a hard time, because they are less and less needed.

My vision is that single mothers who apply for a job in for example the real estate business, when they being asked if they could manage to work longer in the afternoon to meet clients or even on weekends or attending evening events – they will just smile and say: No problem – I have an App for that!

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SitEinander connects parents so that free babysitting can become a reality among friendly families. We ask experts and test for ourselves how mutual babysitting can work.  

We are three sisters from Berlin who put their vision of a better world for families into practice. Learn more about us, our partners and the ups and downs of our life as founders.