Babysitting exchange for your working parents

Reduce absenteeism and increase the wellbeing of your employees with SitEinander.

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The Struggle for working parents is Real

45% of parents report being absent from work due to childcare breakdowns…


Can’t attend a meeting at the end of the day because Kita is closing at 4pm.


Had to cancel all her meetings today because the au pair is sick.


Mother of 3 kids. Can’t work the next 2 months because she experienced a burn-out after too much stress.


Can’t work today, because the kindergarten is closed

SitEinander childcare solution for your working parents

Childcare support – the most effective recruiting, retention and productivity tool.

With the SitEinander application, your working parents can organize spontaneous babysitting among trusted colleagues, family and friends.

How it works

With our app parents can invite all people they would trust to babysit.

Whenever they need a babysitter they post it in the app and reach their selected friends. The app keeps track of how often everybody babysits by using a cash-free system called SitPoints. This ensures a fair exchange and makes asking for help guilt-free.

The Benefits for companies using SitEinander 

The SitEinander solution is simple, inexpensive and highly scalable. It will give you the following critical advantages:

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce childcare-related absenteeism by 30%*

Increase Productivity

Provide a relief to a very pressing issue and thus increase productivity and flexibility.

Attract and retain talents

Parents are 75% more likely to remain loyal if you offer childcare options*

Pieter Schouwstra Eng

“I have encountered the SitEinander team in a workshop on start-up methods – not only was the team inspiring in its freshness and innovative, collaborative approach, but they clearly hold some interesting solutions for corporations to help their employees balancing work and family life. An intelligent application of their tool would give employees more flexibility, diminish stress, and help with being engaged parents while building a career in parallel.“

Pieter Schouwstra
Head of ERP Roadmap at Airbus Defence and Space
Nils Michael

“I am pretty sure that the `SitEinander App` will significantly support both individuals and corporate customers in finding proper childcare solutions in an easy and even ad-hoc mode. Through that service`SitEinander` will contribute to better combine the professional life and career in a dynamic and quickly changing business world with the private family life.”

Nils Michael
Vice President at Airbus Defence and Space

Our Program for companies with working parents

Our Company Starter-Package has what you need to launch SitEinander, promote mutual support and community building and measure the impact.


Two Months Trial

Memberships for all your employees + customized company parent group


Onboarding Workshop

Introduce SitEinander to your working parents

Impact Report

Intense monitoring and report of the
impact and change you create with us

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Get discount after free trial for the annual corporate subscription plan.

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We are childcare experts

The founder’s team is a family itself: Anna, Henrike and Ulrike are three sisters who worked for many years in the private childcare market.

Anna-Lena studied Early Childhood Education as well as International Business. She worked in 3 international babysitter agencies in Istanbul, Berlin and Vancouver. Working in the childcare industry all over the world made her see the need for an innovative and scalable solution like SitEinander. Henrike studied Design Thinking and Business. She planned and lead plenty of startup workshops and knows how to implement the entrepreneurial approach also in the corporate world. Ulrike is our digital marketing and community expert. As a mother of two, she knows exactly what is needed, to make the life of families easier. 


Let us help you to become more family-friendly.