How To Use SitEinander

Feb 24, 2020 | Unsere App

🏘️ What is SitEinander?

SitEinander is your digital babysitting co-op. A babysitting co-op is a network of parents that agree to trade babysitting hours on a point basis to keep it fair. You can use your co-op as much as you want or as little as you want. It’s always a fair trade. When you request a sitter, you spend points. When you sit for another parent, you earn points. Don’t worry about keeping track of the SitPoints. Traditionally this was done offline with a lot of spreadsheets and phone calls. We have now created an app to handle it all for you.

🤲 Why do I need it?

Paid babysitters are expensive, they are also not necessarily experienced or reliable. Your friends and family may help out, but there are only so many times you can ask a favour. Through SitEinander you have a way to have free, capable, and familiar people who live right in your neighbourhood available to help you. They are parents themselves and share the same concerns and experiences that only parents understand. They also come with bonus playmates and the usual supply of toys, books, equipment and most importantly, experience.

🔀 How do I get started?

1. Register in the app and create your profile. Be sure to add some info in your bio about your family and what you are looking for.

2. Ask your friends to participate and joint your network in the app

3. Join a group in the app near you, or create your own! Groups are a great way to get to know people in your neighborhood and arrange meetups or ask questions

4. Discover parents nearby, filter by distance and kid’s age to find people who would be suitable to swap babysitting with. Don’t be shy! Everyone is in the app for the same reason, so reach out and ask them for a coffee, a walk or a trip to the playground. Invite them over to your home, so they can feel comfortable leaving their kid at your place. Get to know if you are a good fit and add each other to your SitFriends if so. We know this can be tricky as a parent with little time, but we highly encourage you to make the effort as the results can be life-changing. You will also make a very meaningful difference in the lives of parents just like you.

5. Post a sit request when you want a babysitter. This goes out to your selected personal network. It’s up to you if you want to have the sit happen at your place or theirs, or you can leave it open.

6. When someone responds you co-ordinate the sit and once it is completed you can transfer the SitPoints, which they can then use when they need a babysitter. That’s it!

👋 I already have a few sitters

How many of us always call one or two friends at the last minute? What happens when they say no? We either take the children with us or cancel our plans. 

If a couple of friends who can watch your kid is helpful, then 10-15 is going to be life-changing. You can get a sitter for any reason and a sitter will always be available. 

☔ What about trust?

You always create and choose your own personal network of SitFriends. Experienced parents from your friends-circle and neighbourhood whom you trust to take care of your little ones. You can offer to sit for other parents first to see how things work and to get to know the other parents. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t rely on the app for the screening of participants, the app only facilitates the babysitting exchange and does not certify the character of participants or guarantee a problem-free sit. So you must still meet the other parents and make your own judgement call on who you are willing to swap sits with.

👪 How many connections do I need in my network?

Most networks start with just 4 parents. After a while, you will see the benefits of having more. 15 parents is a decent network size, once you have 15 good connections in the app you should always be able to find someone available to help whenever you need.

If you are pregnant it’s a good idea to start building your network in advance so they are there when you need them!

👶 Doing sits

Make sure you have all the information you need beforehand. Start gradually, make first sits short so you can get used to things.  If you are short on time, try doing sits when you are planning to be home anyway.

📋 What are the other rules about how this works?

That is up to you, you can agree within your network about how you want things to run. If you think of a way we can help you or improve the app then please let us know at: and check out the FAQs for more information