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FAQ: All you need to know about the SitEinander Childcare App for mutual Babysitting

What is SitEinander?

SitEinander is a childcare app that allows parents to connect digitally to support and organize each other’s childcare activities. “I sit for you and you sit for me” is the motto. Instead of paying for expensive and inflexible babysitting, parents simply help each other and the app helps. With just one request, you can reach all potential sitters from your parent’s circle and quickly find care. Instead of money, virtual SitPoints are exchanged for childcare: Thus the exchange remains fair, parents remain motivated to participate in the care without a guilty conscious.

Why use the SitEinander Childcare App to find a sitter instead of other messaging apps?

SitEinander saves you having to contact each potential caregiver individually or fight your way through endless group messages. With the SitEinander app, you can reach your entire network of self-selected and trusted parent friends simultaneously with just one clear care request.

Where can I download the SitEinander Childcare App?

You can find SitEinander here for Android and iOS

What are SitPoints?

SitPoints are points you earn when you look after your friends’ children. You spend them when friends do the same for you. The points ensure fairness and a balance between giving and taking. They also help motivate everyone to actively participate in the mutual care. You start in the app with 15 sitpoints, which you can use immediately for childcare.

Learn more about SitPoints.


When and how exactly do I earn SitPoints in the SitEinander Childcare App?
You will be informed by a push notification about your friends needs for sitters. In the app you will find these requests under the tab “Friends’ Sits”. If you offer yourself as a sitter and your friends accept, you will receive the earned points after the care.
What does a Sit cost me?

That depends on the total length of the care. Every hour that your SitFriend takes care of your child costs you one SitPoint, which is credited to the account of that friend.

Can my SitPoints go into negative?

No. To spend SitPoints you need to have accumulated sufficient SitPoints. To get you started, you get 15 SitPoints that you can spend immediately on childcare. All further points you need to earn by babysitting for your friends.

Does the number of children make a difference in SitPoints earned and spent?

No. For the current version, the time spent sitting determines the number of SitPoints earned and spent.

SitEinander mentions networks several times, what does this mean?

We usually define a network as being the trusted friends you have on SitEinander. You would have had to invite them to be a Sit Friend or them you. If you accept a friend request, you will become Sit Friends.

Can people outside of my network see my children's information?

Yes. Parents outside of your network of friends can see your children’s ages and genders. They cannot see the names of your children until you are connected through a SitFriend request.

What information can others using the mutual childcare app view about me?

We understand the importance of privacy, however, in order to make building a trusted network possible, we have to make some information visible. Parents outside of your network can see your profile picture, full name, children’s ages, friends in common profiles and your “About Me” section.

Good to know: Apart from your first name, you do not need to give this information in order to use the App. We do, however, recommend that you share this information so that you can better create and expand your network.

If I have no friends using the SitEinander App, how can I grow my network?

We would like to make it easier to grow your network so we have made it possible to invite friends to use SitEinander using other platforms as seen under the “Add SitFriends” tab.

You can also download our flyer to tell other parents in your neighborhood, kindergarten or school about SitEinander.


What is the SitEinander App Groups feature about?

The groups feature is a way for parents to grow their existing network of friends by connecting to others with common interests or issues. Parents join a group and can then find new friends or deepen existing connections.

We will be releasing the revised groups feature as part of the next launch.

Who can respond to my sit requests?

Friends you are connected to can respond to your requests for a sitter. You can select which of your friends you would like your request to be visible to.

Can I send messages to anyone using SitEinander?

Yes. You can send a message to anyone who is using SitEinander. This helps make it easier for you to build your network.

What if I change my mind about requesting a sitter?

You can edit a request for a sitter or you can delete it. Friends who have responded to your request will receive a notification of any changes.

How do I stay informed about news, events and Meetups?

By subscribing to our SitEinander Facebook page, joining our Facebook community, and subscribing to our newsletter, you’ll stay up to date with the latest news, events, or parent meetings in your area.

Is my personal information safe?

We process personal information in accordance with GDPR data management, security and privacy standards. We understand the concerns about personal information and take any concerns seriously. Further details are defined in our Privacy Policy.

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